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orifice plate flowmeter

  • CPVZ V-cone Flow Meter

    CPVZ V-cone Flow Meter

    CEPAI V-Cone flow meter handles almost every flow condition because it acts as its own flow conditioner. This not only allows maximum installation flexibility, but accurate measurement of disturbed or swirling flows. In addition, the V-Cone flow meter is designed to...Read More

  • CPXS Series Wedge Flowmeter

    CPXS Series Wedge Flowmeter

    CPXS Series Wedge Flow Sensor and Flow meter is a kind of excellent differential pressure flow meter. Its throttling component is a special angle testing piece. The two sides are smooth round faces. The comer angle of the V shaped wedge-shaped pieces faces...Read More

  • LC Series Ellopse Flow Meter

    LC Series Ellopse Flow Meter

    LC series Ellopse flow meter, Series LC ellipse gear flow meter is also called fixed drain flow meter, compared with volume flow meter, The flow measured is direct value, Therefore it has high measuring accuracy and small error. As the buckle of the rotating and resistive fluid in the...Read More

  • CPDF Magnetic Flow Meter

    CPDF Magnetic Flow Meter

    CPDF Magnetic flow meter, Magnetic flow meter from CEPAI is inductive meter which measures conductive medium volume flow based on Faraday’s Law of Magnetic Induction. Magnetic flow meter outputs 4-20mA signal for record, adjust and control as well as displays on field, widely...Read More