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liquid level sensors

  • Magnetostrictive Liquid Level Transmitter

    Magnetostrictive Liquid Level TransmitterMagnetostrictive liquid level transmitter, Applications: •Measuring liquid level of repository area and oil station storage tanks in petrifaction industries, interface measuring. •Measuring liquid level of retort, storage tank and dispensing cans in manufacture industries. •Measuring liquid level...Read More

  • Rotary Block Level Switch

    Rotary Block Level SwitchRotary block level switch, UZK series rotary block type switch is used to control material level in open type container, is designed with special oil sealing, double dust-proof, and matched with clutch to protect motor, reliable and easy to maintenance. Widely used in chemical...Read More

  • Electric Float Level Transmitter

    Electric Float Level TransmitterElectric float level transmitter Overview UTD-3010 series products are produced by CEPAI GROUP. Performance and qualities of UTD-3010 series products are same as that of Fisher3010, but with a lower price. We also accept orders with special specifications by users. UTD-3010 series products...Read More

  • Floating Ball Level Meter

    Floating Ball Level MeterFloating ball level meter, UQZ series floating ball liquid level gauge is used to directly indicate liquid level inside the open or pressure container. Comparing with usual glass liquid level gauge, it is not afraid of rupture, and indicating value is clearer, especially...Read More

  • Intelligent Radar Level Meter

    Intelligent Radar Level MeterIntelligent Radar Level Meter, CPLW5X series intelligent radar level meter is high-tech product which measures material level with micro-wave technology, it5 s with excellent penetrability, applicable to harsh environment. Based on large scale integrated circuit, radar...Read More

  • RF Admittance Level Switch

    RF Admittance Level SwitchRF admittance level switch, CP3000 series radio frequency admittance level switch is a new type meter with advanced ratio frequency technology, capacity, capacity type level meter can’t eliminate impact from conductive materials, but ratio frequency switch can. It’s reliable and...Read More

  • Input Type Liquid Level Transmitter

    Input Type Liquid Level TransmitterInput type liquid level transmitter, UC series input type liquid level transmitter is made based on the principle that the static pressure of the measured liquid is in proportion to the level height of the liquid. The critical component of the transmitter is capacitive sensor...Read More

  • Floating Ball Liquid Level Switch

    Floating Ball Liquid Level SwitchFloating ball liquid level switch, UQK series float ball liquid switch works based on level magnetic principle. When liquid level is up to the switch setting point, the switch will send out “on” or “off” contact signal. The switch matched with external or DCS, PLS system can...Read More

  • Magnetic Level Gauge

    Magnetic Level GaugeMagnetic level gauge, UHZ-57/B Ordinary side mounted magnetic level indicator is a new type site measuring instrument similar with direct reading level indicator,its main body is stainless steel , and it can totally replace the glass pipe( board) level indicator. Adopted with the...Read More

  • Guided Wave Radar Level Meter

    Guided Wave Radar Level MeterGuided wave radar level meter Product overview CPLW3X series intelligent radar level meter is high-tech product which measures material level with micro-wave technology, it’s with mirco-wave technology, it’s with excellent penetrability, applicable to harsh environment, based on large scale...Read More