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Model selection

Meter is a mature product with different kinds, even though, there is not a universal type applicable to every occasions.Each meter has its own applications and limitations. Thus, you must know well about the meter and medium as well as other factors to ensure accuracy. Certainly, more and more new type meters will emerge with development of technology, you should be more careful when select a right model then.

Selection instructions of temperature

instruments-thermocouple and thermal resistance
model--graduation--explosion-proof grade--accuracy--installation mode---protection tube material---length or insertion length
Bimetal thermometer
Instructions: do consider the working environment and requirements when you select a thermometer, like scale diameter, accuracy, installation mode, medium, the environment is safe or not, etc. Besides, you also have to consider cost performance and maintenance.
Temperature transmitter
Model selection instructions: input graduation, range, output signal

Model selection of pressure measurement meters

Instructions of pressure gauge: 
it must meet up with requirements of processing, thus, the right model based on process requirements is essential to keep the meter work normally and safely.
Instructions of pressure transmitter
the pressure, medium, temperature and accuracy are requried. 
Instructions of pressure controller:
field medium, temperature, pressure and installation mode are required to select a right model.

Model selection of flow measurement meters

Flow meter is widely used in industrial fields and government engineering, is also a scientific basis to evaluate energy consumption and waste discharge. 

1, general model selection of flow meter: you shall consider five aspects which are performance, fluid characteristic, installation, environment and economic factors. 

2, select steps are

(1) select a primary model based on the five factors and fluid (it should be more than one type for selection);

(2) collect documents and price information of the primary models, and make a deeper analysis;

(3) choose 1~2 types and compare them thoroughly, then settle one finally.