Wedge Flow Meter

Wedge Flow Meter

CPXS Series Wedge Flow Sensor and Flow meter is a kind of excellent differential pressure flow meter. Its throttling component is a special angle testing piece. The two sides are smooth round faces. The comer angle of the V shaped wedge-shaped pieces faces...

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CPXS series wedge flow meter



CPXS Series Wedge Flow Sensor and Flow meter is a kind of excellent differential pressure flow meter. Its throttling component is a special angle testing piece. The two sides are smooth round faces. The comer angle of the V shaped wedge-shaped pieces faces down, by this structure, it helps the liquid with suspended particles, the viscous liquid, gas with moisture or impurities pass through easily, not causing retention, adhesion and sediment at upstream or downstream of throttling components. It has high-precision, wide range, good wear-resisting performance. Besides applicable for general gas, liquid, stream, it is especially suitable for flow measurement to high viscosity grout, high concentration, crystallization, of the liquid, the mixture smudgy, high dust-contained gas and gas-liquid, gas-solid , liquid-solid of two-phase flow, etc. Moreover its antiseptic lining PTFE structure is very suitable for high corrosive acid, alkali, salt etc liquid and gas occasion. So this kind of flow meter can be widely used for measure and process measurement in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, mining and metallurgy, steel, electric power, water conservancy, water supply and drainage, paper making, sugar processing, pharmaceutical, brewing, beverage, textile, printing, dyeing, chemical fiber, environmental protection and municipal engineering industry.


Working principle

The working principle of wedge type flow sensor is as same as the other differential pressure flow meters, based on the law of conservation of energy and quality conservation in the closed pipeline. Differential pressure and flow is a SRSS relationship.

By measuring the differential pressure can conversion out the size of the fluid flow. Refer to the chart.


Performance features

1. Good smudgy resistance, self-cleaning, anti- blocking, special V throttling structure helps the liquid with suspended particles circulate, not causing retention, adhesion and sediment. Moreover that adopting DN5 0 or DN80 pressure tapping way, assorted use of double flange difference pressure transmitter, completely overcome the influence of the piping jams, So it is suitable for smudgy, sticky, crystallization of mixture fluid measurements.

2. Better long-term stability, high precision operation and high reliability: 1) the special design of V wedge block will dredge fluid leaving away rear edge, to reduce the possibility of being worn, and no moving parts and the vulnerable parts, 2) V shaped throttling component is made by thick plate or bar stock processing, and firm smooth without sharp chamfering is very resistant to wear not deform, 3)The self-cleaning ability make it no adhesion and congestion at front/behind of throttling component and surface, so it can ensure throttling component dimension keep unchanged for long term, and the flow coefficient K maintain long-term stability. Service life generally is more than 10 years.

3. Differential pressure value is stable. Range is wide. The wedge type flow sensor makes fluid gradually shrink. Row change gently. So the differential pressure value is more stable, distinguishable differential pressure is smaller, thus it benefits for small flow measurement, and get better linear even the lowest Renault up to about 300, which the other standards and non-standard throttling device cannot reach.

4. Small pressure loss is 20% of the orifice plate. V shaped wedge component makes fluid shrink gradually, not abruptly like orifice plate, so pressure loss caused by friction and the vortex is smaller than orifice plate.

5. The short straight pipe section requirement generally is 5D at behind and 3D in front. V shaped wedge has rectification, redistribution effect on the fluid flow with the, even shorter, upstream and downstream straight pipe section also can ensure the measurement accuracy and stability.

6. It is capable of measuring bidirectional flow. Wedge type flow sensor detecting element adopts special symmetrical V structure. So no matter that the fluid flow is forward or counters flow, it can generate the same differential pressure signal. Using two transmitters can simultaneously measure forward and counter flow.


Main technical parameters

The measurement accuracy: better than 0.5%, reproducibility: + 0.2%, readings, the turndown ratio: 10:1

Long term stability: 0.1%F.S.S/Y, service life: more than ten years

Pressure loss: 35% ~50%of measurement differential pressure loss (the corresponding wedge ratio: 0.5- 0.2)

Reynolds number range: 300- 106(when low Reynolds number, range is relatively narrow, the outflow coefficient uncertainty increases relatively)

The viscosity of the medium: 500cP, maximum N3000CP

Working pressure: a0.1 ~4 2MPa (up to ANSI2500#)

Working temperature: - 20 - 450 〇(choosing low-temperature resistant steel or heat-resistant steel, a wide temperature range)

Pipe size: DN15~ DN600 (DN600~ DN12 00 is special order)

The wedge ratio: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, special optional 0.6

Process connection: damping type, screw type, flange, welding type

Pressure tapping connection: thread, flange type (DN50or DN80), chemical type T


Range standard: conventional HG20 592- 97and the rest of the GB, HGJ, J巳/T,ANSI, DIN etc.

A throttling element (wedge) material: 1Cr 18Ni9T I, 3 04SS, 31 6S S, 31 6L, He, lined with PTFE

Body material: 1 Cr1 8N I9TI4S, 30S, 3L 6s31s, 6L, HC, lined with PTFE

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