Oval Gear Flow Meter

Oval Gear Flow Meter

SBTL series oval gear flow sensor and flow meter are uniform velocity tube flow meter R&D by our company through adopting foreign technology. It has the advantages of high accuracy, wide range, low loss, easy to installation, and long-term stability, especially...

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Oval gear flow meter


SBTL series oval gear flow sensor and flow meter are uniform velocity tube flow meter R&D by our company through adopting foreign technology. It has the advantages of high accuracy, wide range, low loss, easy to installation, and long-term stability, especially suit for measuring high flow volumes. It’s widely applied to measuring flow of air, air quality, smoke, coal gas, superheated stream, saturated stream, circulating water, supply water, cooling water and other low viscosity clean medium in electric power, heat supply, petrochemical industry, metallurgy and other industries.


Working principle

The section of oval flow sensor is oval. Multi pairs high and low pressure holes rank by certain rule, high pressure hole in front of inspected stem, and low pressure hole on the best front position of side fluid separation point. The boundary layer of stream is close to the surface of sensor, and low pressure point doesn't have separation effect, so this original design can greatly reduce sensor error because of fluid separation, and accurately inspect the average deviation caused by average speed of fluid, in order to get higher measurement accuracy and wider range ratio. Its work is based on law of energy conservation (Bernoulli equation) in sealed pipeline: the differential pressure and flow is a root relationship, which can be converted out the quantity of flow by measuring the differential pressure.



Qm=0.12645*K*D2- (p-△P)-2

△P — differential pressure KPa

Qm — mass flow Kg/h

p — density Kg/m3

D — pipe inner diameter

K — discharge coefficient


Performance feature

1.The structure is simple, without any moving and vulnerable parts, the reliability is extremely high, which is basically maintenance free.

2.Good stability, excellent repeatability: smooth oval section makes sensor hardly affected by fluid erosion wear,keep constant K factor, unnecessary to calibrate regularly, and repeatability up to ± 0.1 %.

3.Good blocking proof, static pressure hole is front of separation point of sensor two sides, and fluid flows parallel static pressure entrance, which makes smudge absolutely not easy to enter.

4.High precision, wide rang ratio, low pressure point doesn't have separation effect and vortex, making sensor also get stable differential pressure even small quantity of flow and keep constant K factor in a wide range. Measurement accuracy can be up to ± 1 % ; range ratio to 17:1.

5.Energy saving effect is the best, special designs of oval section hardly generate vortex and noise, reducing loss of pressure by a large margin which is 1 % of differential pressure.

6.Low requirement to straight pipeline: generally front 5 behind 3, installing sensor at 2D behind single elbow also can guarantee the measurement accuracy.

7.Small demission, little weight, it is very convenient to transport, install and maintain, which

8.greatly saves those charges.

9.Inserting type can install and maintain online, suitable for many important long-time work but unable to stop conditions, guarantee stability and safety of device system, and reduce loss because of stopping.

10.Material of sensor should be 316L or other special one, like suitable for 500°C high temperature and pressure.

11.High and low pressure cavity is intergrated, high strength, the highest pressure up to AN25 00#.

12.Wide pipe diameter range, from DN50 to DN6000.

13.Flange standards: chemical industry HG20592-97, or GB, JB/T, ANSI, DIN and so on.


Selection of reference

Sensor size

7/8 ", 1-1/4" and   2-1/4 "in three sizes, the thicker the sensor, the greater the   intensity, the stronger the impact resistance; media, caliber, temperature,   pressure and flow by the manufacturers to calculated, typically in 7/8   "DN50 to DN300 caliber, 1-1/4" for DN150 to DN500- diameter, 2-I /   4 "DN300 to DN6000 caliber.


Thread welded seat   supporting sensor size 7/8 "and 1-1/4" 1wo, simple installation,   easy to locate suitable temperature, the pressure is not high caliber in DN   500 occasions; temperature, high pressure, large diameter, and a steam   occasions flange welded seat installation.

Security lock type

Safety locking device to the   bottom of the sensor is pressed against the pipe wall, the increase Sensor   impact force, play a dual role in supporting; fit 7/8 "and 1-1/4"   in two sizes, fit within DN1000, pressure rating PN4.0MPa,temperature of 300   ° C within occasions.

normal pressure isolated   type

Add an isolated ball valve   to the thread or flange mounting seat, mainly for easy installation and   maintenance. To remove the sensor after the system stops, and to shut off the   valve at once. It is also possible to remove the sensor in a short time when   the system is running..

Low-pressure online type

Threaded mounting base with   online insertion and removal of isolation ball valve structure suitable   allows online insertion and low-pressure conditions, the mating process there   will be a small amount of leakage of the medium: suitable caliber DN500,   working temperature is less than 00 ° C, the pressure is less than 1.6MPa,   two size sensor 7/8 "and 1-1/4" in two sizes: Suitable for air,   water and general media.

Single rod drive online type

Threaded or flanged mounting   base with a single shot, drive online insertion and removal, plug media   leaks, installation and maintenance of sensors, in the case of non-stop   production for DN5 00, the following, the temperature is less than 200 ° G,   the pressure is less than PNL. The 6MPa occasions, such as wind, gas, natural   gas and groundwater measuring points; suitable sensor 7/8 "and   1-1/4" in 1wo sizes.

Double rod drive online

Threaded or flanged mounting   base with double rod drive online plug structure,plug media leaks, do not stop the installation and maintenance of   the sensor, for DN100 ~ DN200 0, the temperature is less than 300 ° C, the   pressure is less than PN6.3MPaoccasions, such as steam, air flow, gas,   natural gas, and groundwater measuring points;  generally suitable sensor 1-1/4 " ,2-1/4"   two sizes.

wheel device

Compact structure, with the   inner gear, gently turn the handle can be freely up and down the sensor,   saving time and effort.

pressure obtaining header

Suitable sub-structure, with   two 1/2 "NFT threaded taps

Valve seat obtaining   pressure

Suitable for integrated   structure, can be directly mounted on the three-valve and 5-valve manifold

Group valve obtaining   pressure

Suitable for integrated   structure, comes with a three-valve and 5-valve manifold, mounted directly on   the differential pressure transmitter


The integrally mounted   compact, convenient, reliable, clean fluid measurement for most normal   temperature and pressure; when gas and liquid temperature exceeds 100 ° C,   the need to bring the heat sink or circle can be integrally mounted; when the   gas and liquid temperature over 200 °C , the integration of the installation   is not recommended; measurement of steam, integrated installation must be   with the condensation chamber and is guaranteed to be mounted horizontally;   integrally mounted total height increase, to consider whether the   installation space suitable.

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