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Chemical Industry

Chemical industry is basic and essential to national economic which has direct effect on social economic. Chemical industry includes various categories, has complicated craft,different products,and discharges large-quantity,high-poision pollutive materials during production. Thus,a sustainable development way of chemical industries is important and significant to human economic and society development. 
Modern chemical industry aims to reduce pollution, enhance factory safety and environment protection all the time, all these faces strict government requirements which are different to different countries and markets. CEPAI supplies highest-quality instruments which meet up with chemical industry standards. CEPAI chemical industry solutions obtain all international standard authentication and comply by the strictest environmental protection requirements, like European TALuft,ISO15848 and SHELL 77/312 low-leakage standard. We help customers innovate in craft with our manufacture ability and rich research & developmnet experiences through global marketing network. 
Solutions are mainly applicable to: 
petroleum,refine chemical industry and pharmacy, base chemical industry etc.


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