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In order to meet market’s needs, in 2010 we separately introduce the manufacturing technologies and key equipment of armored thermocouple, micro platinum resistance and other products from France CMR and USA ROSEMOUNT. All the products of Cepai temperature instrument are produce in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14000 environmental management system. Exd. and intrinisically safe type products conform to the national safety standards and obtain various types of explosion-proof certifications. To ensure the quality of products and for fear of fake and poor quality goods, all the products use anti-counterfeiting label. The marketing service network throughout the whole nationwide offer users a convenient products selection and spare parts maintenance. “Quality first, customer satisfaction”, we will provide users professional solutions with high-quality products and satisfying service


Our main products are: Fabricated thermocouple(thermal resistance), Exd intrinisically thermocouple(thermal resistance), Temperature measurement thermocouple(thermal resistance) for power station, Cement wear-resistant thermocouple, High temperature wear-resistant thermocouple, Bimetal thermometer, Compensation wire and cable and etc.. They are widly used in thermal power, nuclear petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light industry, machinery manufacturing and national defense scientific research industry and automation control system.

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